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Hello, readers! My name is Noel Wellington, and I would love to entertain you by publishing my first fantasy books. Born in the 70's in Moscow, the capital of the former Soviet Union, I had not been spoiled by an abundance of fiction available to read. I mostly read history books and classical fiction such as the works of R. L. Stevenson, J. Verne, and eventually R. Bradbury and a handful of other authors. My inquisitive and romantic mindset longed for fiction, but there was not much available, so I started filling the vacuum by inventing my own stories. Eventually enough ideas had accumulated to form a book. And another one. And more. The God's Bracelet series was born.

The first book of the trilogy is complete and undergoing editing and graphic design. The 2nd book is nearing completion. The 3d book is well underway. Having realized that there are inevitable holes in the plot of the 1st book, due to the limits on how thick it can be in print, I wrote a few short stories to compliment it.

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An engineer by training and a software developer by necessity, I had moved to Canada in the late 90's. After working in various software devlopment roles, each of them requiring technical writing, I finally decided to use this experience and to put my fiction ideas on paper (or e-paper). My children had influenced this decision a lot through their interest in fantasy and role-playing games. Together we had invented fictional races and their adventures, which became the foundation for the 2nd book of the series.

The work on the 1st book, Finding Ishtar, had been started in November of 2015 and completed in August 2019. In parallel with finishing the last chapters of the 1st book, I had started to work on the 2nd book, Double Hazard, and a little later on the 3d book, The Mute Eye. I had not originally planned to write more than one book. Even one seemed like a lot! But it soon became clear that there was too much material swirling in my mind for one book, and all of it had to be put on paper before I forgot.

Looking back, I now realize that several authors, who are little known outside of Russia, had influenced my writing style the most. One of them was Vitaly Bianki. I read his entire collected writings over the course of one or two years, when I was between 7 and 9 years old. V. Bianki wrote mostly about nature. His vivid stories about the woods, inhabited by birds and animals, helped me, a city boy back then, relieve the feeling of living in a concrete jungle. The other writer worth mentioning was Konstantin Paustovsky, especially his works about travels and the outdoors.

Later on, my parents bought a cottage in a small village, and while spending summer breaks there, I became exposed to the wonders of endless fields, woods, and rivers. My interest in reading about nature kept growing. No wonder! For the first 5 or so years at the cottage we did not have a TV or radio, and my only company were my grandmother and a couple of friends. The village's population was mostly of retirement age, and I was lucky to befriend two or three local boys of about the same age as me. I ended up spending at least 4-6 hours a day reading books found at the meagre local library. They were mostly preselected titles, required by the state-run school program, with an odd extracurricular title among them.

In high school, I made my first attempts at creative writing that eventually won some praise from my teachers. Far from ready for a broader audience, they still laid the foundation for resuming writing at a later time. Now I feel that the time has come, and I wish to put my works out for the world to read.

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