Welcome to The God's Bracelet series of fantasy novels!

The reader will find hundreds of pages, filled with arresting events, weaved into a solid, strongly-coupled and intertwined storylines. There is going to be not a bit but a lot of something for any kind of reader, including but not limited to:

  • Strong characters to admire.
  • Adventures to loose sleep over.
  • Heart-wrenching losses and finds.
  • Romance and love affairs.
  • Ruthless adversaries.
  • Breathtaking sights to imagine.
  • Verses to chant along.
  • Songs to sing along.
  • Fierce action and peaceful respite.
  • Crafting and cooking.
  • Mind-bending cosmology and philosophy.
  • Funny Easter eggs.

About the Author

Hello, readers! My name is Noel Wellington, and I would love to entertain you by publishing my first fantasy books. Born in the 70's in Moscow, the capital of the former Soviet Union, I had not been spoiled by an abundance of fiction available to read. I mostly read history books and classical fiction such as the works of R. L. Stevenson, J. Verne, and eventually R. Bradbury and a handful of other authors. My inquisitive and romantic mindset longed for fiction, but there was not much available, so I started filling the vacuum by inventing my own stories. Eventually enough ideas had accumulated to form a book. And another one. And more. The God's Bracelet series was born.

About the Trilogy

The trilogy is now complete and undergoing editing and graphic design. Having realized that there are inevitable holes in the plot of the 1st book, due to the limits on how thick it can be in print, I wrote a few short stories to compliment it.

Please check the links at the top for more information about each of the titles and their current status.

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