Book 2: "Double Hazard"

Genre: A blend of fantasy and science fiction.

ISBN-13: pending

Target pages: 450-550

Pages: 460 (in 6*9in print edition. WIP. The number will be updated regularly.)

This is the second book of the series. Approximately 120,000 years after the events of the 1st book, it returns the main characters into our universe, initially only to visit some friends. Then the new adventures begin. On a moon of a missing planet, they find two aliens who, once awoken from cryogenic slumber, tell their story, which had occurred millions of years before that. Their friends had been stranded, and their planet had exploded. Taking a pity on the lost duo, the main characters help them to find their stranded friends, to return to their civilization, and to re-unite it by resurrecting their dead planet and ending a religious schism.

First, it turns out that the aliens had visited the Earth and even fought a war there. They and their friends had become stranded on the Earth for a while. Then they tell Rita and Gerald about their incredible adventures. They reveal that during the war their adversaries had damaged all life on the planet by developing and deploying numerous biological weapons. After traveling across many continents and convincing their own race and several other alien races to abandon the Earth, and after fighting their adversaries at every turn, the Earth was left in the state of a biological prereserve, to allow its intelligent life to develop on its own.

But the aliens' adventures do not end there! They return to their civilization, just to find that it had plunged into a religious conflict, fuelled by the destruction of their home planet. Rita and Gerald decide to help that amiable race, and they resurrect their planet.

When everything seemingly returns back to normal, the aliens' story sounds so odd to Rita that she gets a bad feeling, which proves true. Following through on that leads to more adventures in the world beyond the parallel universes.

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