Book 1: "Finding Ishtar"

Genre: A blend of fantasy and science fiction.

ISBN-13: pending

Pages: 774 (in 6*9in print edition)

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This book introduces the reader to the main characters and sets sails for their epic journey through the multitude of worlds and adventures.

It is approximately 2500 AD. The Earth had been abandoned for the most part. The humans had established colonies in the nearest, habitable star systems and are looking to establsh another one. There trouble begins, and the main character enters the scene to begin his mind-blowing adventures. He does not yet know that he will find a powerful artifact that will become his friend. He does not know that he will meet aliens, whom he will love or befriend. He does not yet know that he will eventually travel into another, parallel universe, and another, and even into a world beyond the universes!

When Gerald Burns finds the Bracelet, he believes that it is a mad artifact of an alien race. The find leads to him having to abandon humankind forever. He travels across the Milky Way galaxy and tries to settle among one alien race, and then another, unsuccessfully. And when Gerald is almost entirely convinced that he would have to spend the rest of his now eternal life alone, he meets a teenage girl from a parallel universe, whom the Bracelet recognizes as its original owner.

When the girl tells Gerald her story, he recognizes the goddess Ishtar in her missing sister. Together they travel to the Earth to find and resurrect her. Gerald and Ishtar (Rita) fall in love, and the trio travels to a parallel universe. There they thwart that civilization ancient enemies' plot to re-conquer and to enslave them.

Rita and Gerald plan to spend eternity together, but he finds an ancient being who hints at the origin of the Bracelets. Now the trio attempts to return that ancient being and several of the Bracelets to their rightful owners. That leads to Rita and Gerald becoming involved in the affairs of powerful beings in the world outside of the parallel universes.

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