Artwork: "Finding Ishtar"

Ishtar's Pets

Ishtar's Pets

Completed: June 3, 2020. The artistic rendition of Ishtar's pet lions and owls, as found on Burney Relief, also known as The Queen of the Night. Their names, left to right, are Rooty, Rybo, Faerick, and Creesha. They make their first appearance in Finding Ishtar and play an important role in the trilogy. Rooty and Faerick are a brother and a sister. Rybo and Creesha are lovers. Soft-spoken and unobtrusive, they still would love to tell their stories.

The front cover art

Front Cover

Completed: June 28, 2020. This is what the front cover of Finding Ishtar will look like.


Stay tuned for more artwork, which is coming!

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