The short stories below will be published some time after the book Finding Ishtar. They compliment its contents and help fill some gaps. They should be read and they can be fully understood only once you read the book itself.

Found and Lost

This story compliments Chapter 2 of Finding Ishtar. It tells the reader about the events immediately following the departure of the main protagonist from his home planet. It links him together with the characters introduced much later in the book, and solves a mystery hinted at in this chapter.

The Alienation

This story compliments Chapter 4 of Finding Ishtar. It reveals the events that lead to an encounter of the main protagonist with the main character of this chapter.

The Golden Gods Scroll

This novella compliments Chapter 4 of Finding Ishtar. It peeks into the distant future of the civilization that the main protagonist joined briefly, along his travel.

A Glimpse into Oblivion

This story compliments Chapter 5 of Finding Ishtar. The topic of this story is only touched upon in the book, and although this story does not fill any gaps, it helps understand the thinking of the main protagonist, as well as reveals his approach to the ailments of the world.

The Untouchable Child and The Child's Adult Children

These two stories compliment Chapter 7 of Finding Ishtar. They provide an insight into another mystery, revealed by the character newly introduced in this chapter. The connection of one of the protagonists to the Earth and the circumstance of her upbringing are finally explained.


The poems from the trilogy are included in their own, separate book that you can download from Smashwords.

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